OS-IoT Upper Tester

The OS-IoT Upper Tester is a Spring Boot (Java) application that supports automated conformance testing of oneM2M Application Entities (AEs). The diagram below shows how the OS-IoT Upper Tester can be used as part of an automated conformance test system.

The Upper Tester interfaces to the test system using the utPort defined in oneM2M TS-0019. JSON content over HTTP is supported on this interface. The Upper Tester includes an Implementation Under Test (IUT) component that supports an AT Command interface to the AE. This AT Command interface is supported by the OS-IoT BG96 AE.

The Upper Tester supports tests according to Application Dedicated Node (ADN) profile #3 of oneM2M TS-0025.

The Upper Tester currently supports Windows only. The oneM2M Upper Tester repository can be obtained by following the instructions on the download page.

Further contributions (e.g. to extend the supported test cases or to support testing for other AE IUTs) are welcome. Please refer to the contribution page.