OCF to oneM2M Bridge

OS-IoT’s library of oneM2M functions can be used as part of a oneM2M Interworking Proxy Entity (IPE), also called a bridge, which interworks between oneM2M and other protocols. In the OS-IoT project we have used this capability to develop a demonstration of a bridge between the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) standard and oneM2M.

The OCF standard defines an interoperable IoT solution which is focussed on smart home applications. Natively, OCF uses direct peer to peer communication between devices and device control functions. One way to extend OCF services to be available in wide-area use cases is to interwork OCF to a standard such as oneM2M at the home gateway. This allows devices within the home to be accessible even if the control function is located outside the home LAN.

The OS-IoT OCF to oneM2M bridge implements the scenario of exposing OCF devices to the oneM2M ecosystem. The bridge discovers OCF devices on its local network and then creates corresponding resources in a oneM2M CSE server. Alignment between OCF and oneM2M standards in terms of the device models means that, for standard device types, there can be a full mapping of all OCF device capabilities in to oneM2M with no loss of functionality.

The OS-IoT OCF to oneM2M bridge supports mapping for OCF light devices, but could easily be extended to support other standard OCF devices. The bridge repository includes a set of functional components to demonstrate OCF to oneM2M bridging:

  • the OCF to oneM2M bridge function itself,
  • an OCF deviceLight function,
  • an OCF light control function,
  • a oneM2M Home Appliance Information Model (HAIM) light control function, and
  • a web interface for OCF and oneM2M light control.

All these functions are suitable for deployment on standard Linux devices including resource constrained devices such as the Dragonboard 410C and Raspberry Pi. The bridge is compatible with oneM2M CSEs that support the oneM2M flexContainer and HAIM resources.

Instructions for build, installation and configuration on a range of Linux platforms are included in the repository. Please consult the README.txt and BUILD.txt files in the repository.

The bridge repository can be obtained by following the instructions on the download page.

Demo of Bridge Operation

The video below shows the OS-IoT bridge in operation and how it can expand the accessibility of OCF devices from a home LAN in to the global oneM2M ecosystem.